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Core assumptions for our investment philosophy

Good, central locations within economically strong metropolises such as Hamburg or special locations with unbroken demand, such as Sylt have been developed for a long time and offer hardly any potential for new construction. For this reason, targeted investment in existing properties and their energy-efficient redevelopment provides the greatest possible security for value retention and growth potential. Temporarily stagnating or falling prices, caused by rising interest rates and a weakening of the economy, offer entry opportunities and create long-term value development potential.

Hamburg as an investment location

According to a Global Wealth Report by the major Swiss bank UBS, Hamburg is Germany’s “richest city”. With 42,000 millionaires and 18 billionaires, Hamburg is at the top in relation to the total number of inhabitants. But even apart from wealthy private households, Hamburg’s diversified economy provides an opposing position within Europe.

Hamburg is a flourishing business location, a globally important port city, the seat of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, the cradle of Nivea and Montblanc, the production site of Airbus, and the headquarters of major insurances and media companies.

Highest immigration rates until 2050

One of the world's most desirable cities

Value stability

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