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The focus on sustainable investments is a crucial part of our corporate policy. For us, sustainability means acting responsibly and conscientiously to minimize negative impacts on the public and the environment. Parallel to our economic success, we are committed to upholding this responsibility towards business partners, employees and the environment.

Returns and sustainability do not pursue mutual interests – quite the opposite. Sustainable investment strategies have a positive impact on the development of investments. This way of thinking reflects the Group’s principles of action under the three central sustainability criteria of Environment, Social and Governance and thus creates an important contribution to the development of healthy living and working spaces of tomorrow.


We use our expertise to keep the ecological impact on the environment as low as possible. We are constantly working on economically viable solutions to reduce energy and water consumption, to lower our carbon footprint.

We actively seek the dialogue with our stakeholders (investors, tenants, service providers, employees and business partners) in order to identify common interests and to integrate them as efficiently as possible into our investments to reduce the carbon footprint.

Our properties are managed in a resource- and energy-conserving manner. Emissions are avoided as far as possible in order to reduce our ecological imprint across the entire value chain.


For us, sustainability also refers to social interaction. We create an attractive, safe and opportunity-rich working environment, with flexibility for an optimal work-life balance. We stand for non-discriminatory cooperation and diversity. We offer our employees a space for personal as well as professional development.

We maintain an open exchange with our stakeholders and advocate transparency in communication. We take appropriate account of social and ethical aspects in our investments and support social, charitable and cultural institutions within the scope of our possibilities. We constantly raise our employees' awareness of the issue of environmental and social sustainability.


We are aware of our responsibility towards investors, business partners, employees and the public. We meet this obligation with a management based on clear guidelines, personal values, a high degree of transparency and acting in accordance with defined ethical principles.

To ensure the sustainability of our corporate structures, we operate with a prudent corporate policy, forward-looking risk management and clear compliance regulations. We strictly reject bribery and corruption and pursue all violations and any misconduct with measures under labour law and criminal law.

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