Project development and

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As a service developer we realise custom made projects in line with the individual investment strategies.

We specialize in the revitalisation and redevelopment of existing properties and have set ourselves the task of optimising the energy efficiency of acquired properties. We specifically promote the use of innovative technologies to reduce the carbon footprint. This way, we secure investments that exist as long-term values. At all times, the focus is on the quality of life for our tenants and the resulting value stability and profitability of our co-investors.

Grafik Projektentwicklung

Our development criteria for long-term liveable and profitable projects

Location quality

We invest exclusively in central, already established or positively transformative micro-locations in Northern Germany in order to maintain the greatest possible value stability, even in times of crisis.


Our developed buildings are a valuable part of the urban environment and fit intuitively into their surroundings. In our projects, we coordinate closely with the respective city planning, monument protection and building authorities. Our activities consider the harmony with the respective district culture, the social environment and the architectural conditions of the neighbourhood, while still creating unique projects.

Setting our priorities on the human being

Our projects are focused on the wishes and needs of the people who work and live in the buildings, because only those who deliver real added value for the residents, receive competitive investments in the long term.

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